FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need prescription to order from https://www.LifeRxPharmacy.com/?

Indeed. A valid prescription from a physician who is licensed to practice medicine and issue prescription is required to order from Life Rx Pharmacy. Please visit our Contact Us page for toll free fax number or email address.

Various OTC medicines are available at https://www.LifeRxPharmacy.com/ and these are available without prescription.

2. How can I email my queries to someone at Life Rx Pharmacy?

You can contact our Customer Service Representative at [email protected] ensure that your comment or questions will be responded suitably and on time. Please feel free to share your feedback and comments which will in turn help us to constantly improve our policies, products and procedures.

3. How long does it take to respond to me email enquiry?

Ideally we make sure to respond to the email within 24-48 hours. However, we may take a little longer to respond on National or Civil holidays.

4. How do I contact Life Rx Pharmacy?

You can call or connect using Live Chat to get in touch with our Customer Service Representative.

Also, you can send us an email at [email protected] for assistance at the phone number mentioned below:

Toll Free Number &ndash:1-800-819-0631

Hours of Operations

Available Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (EST)

5. How large a supply of medication may be purchased?

As per the law maximum allowed is 90 day supply. To save money, request your physician to recommend three refills. The dispensing pharmacy will keep your prescription on file to use it for refill orders as long as it allows refills.

6. Is payment and personal information safe?

You can rest assured that your payment and information is safe as Life Rx Pharmacy is a payment card industry compliant. Our website is under firm security of one of the website security companies from USA. It provides top-notch security to our visitors. Before transmission, sensitive data is encrypted with your browser and the website server. Moreover, GeoTrust allows the best online merchants to offer their buyers and independently guaranteed shopping experience.

7. Why https://www.LifeRxPharmacy.com/ prices are lower than any other online pharmacies?

The prime reason for our low prices is that we buy large quantity of drugs which enables us to offer discounts and other benefits to our customers. Also, there are lower prices available of the same medicine, manufactured and marketed by the same pharmaceutical companies because their prices highly differ from country to country. We are also associated with several pharmaceutical companies which give us advantages of global prices and thus you can save up to 70-80% on generic products.

8. Is Life Rx Pharmacy regulated and legal?

Pharmacy that supplies and fulfils all orders placed with Life Rx Pharmacy is a registered pharmacy with State Pharmacy Council.


9. Is Life Rx Pharmacyis accredited?

Verified and Accredited by Pharmacy Accreditation agency from USA, Life Rx Pharmacy follows all the guidelines and standard operating producers designated by the agency. This ensures safety and distribution of high quality prescription or non-prescription or brand medicines.

10. How do I pay for my medications?

Life Rx Pharmacy accepts Paper Checks, Direct Transfer, E-check & credit card payments.  Our Paper Check & Direct transfer payment options gives you some additional discount as saving and to also cover your transfer rates. Additionally, you can pay online or via fax or talk to our Customer Service Representative over phone for assistance on placing your order.

11. Why do I have to fill out medication history form?

It is important to place your order as the licensed pharmacist at our dispensing pharmacy conducts a complete drug interaction review. This makes sure that your prescription is safe to take with your other prescription or Over the Counter drugs.

12. Do you offer free shipping or overnight shipping?

Absolutely! Whenever it is possible, we offer free shipping. Contact our Customer Service Representative to know more. As for the overnight shipping service, at present we only offer regular and express shipping. We will notify all our customers once we start offering overnight shipping services.

13. Can a prescription from my current pharmacy be transferred to you?

Sure, all you have to do is request your existing pharmacy to email or fax your prescription to Life Rx Pharmacy. While transferring your prescription to us, you will need to provide your doctor’s contact information and address of the clinic.

14. What if I have any concern about customer service or drug prices?

For our contact information you can refer to our Contact Us page. Feel free to reach us and share your concerns, if any. We will make sure to address them promptly.

15. What are generic drugs?

These drugs are bio-equivalent of a brand name drug. Generic drugs have the same chemical name and formulation in dosage form, strength, safety, how it is taken, quality, intended use and performance as brand name drug.

Ideally, only one formulation of a brand or generic drug should be used consistently to get the best result.

16. Are generic drugs safe as brand name drugs?

Both generic drugs and brand name drugs are safe. Both their facilities meet the exact standards of good manufacturing products (GMP). As a matter of fact, around 50% of generic drug production comes from brand-name companies. These companies often produce copies of their own brand name product and sell them as generic products.

17. Are generic drugs as effective as brand-name drugs?

Absolutely! Among people who take generic drugs, more than 95% experience positive and same results.

18. How can I get less expensive generic drugs?

Ask your doctor for generic drugs whenever he/she writes a prescription. You may also talk to our pharmacist.

19. Do you offer drugs for pet?

We do offer drugs for pet. In fact, on your pet medicine, you can save up to 70%.

20. What is https://www.LifeRxPharmacy.com/Privacy Policy?

We request you to review our Privacy Policy Page available on site.


21. What are https://www.LifeRxPharmacy.com/Refund and Cancellation Policy?

For this, you can visit our Refund and Cancellation Policy Page.

22. What is https://www.LifeRxPharmacy.com/Shipping Policy?

Kindly review our Shipping Policy Page.

23. What is https://www.LifeRxPharmacy.com/Terms of Use?

You can find out at our Terms of Usee Page.

24. How long is my prescription valid for?

Usually, a prescription is valid for one year from the date of issue. However, in some cases it may be valid for two-three years.

25. What are your business hours?

Generally we work from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (EST). Nevertheless, our smooth and lucid website platform assists you in placing your order and guides you at every step even when we are not around.

26. How much does shipping cost for my order?

Our standard Shipping Charges are $10 (Average Delivery Time – 10-21 Business Days).

However, these Shipping Charges may vary for some countries like UAE, Peru, Brazil, Ecuador, Israel, Greece, Netherlands, etc. We will send order through express shipment through different courier service provider in these countries.

27. Why do the pills I received from Life Rx Pharmacy look different than the ones I get from my local pharmacy?

Please note that the Generic products that you order from our website may not look the same as the Brand Name products. They will look different even though they contain the same active ingredient and work in the similar manner. This can happen with brand drugs too, as the same Brand Name pill may look different if it comes from a different country made by a different manufacturer.

28. Can I return my medications if I no longer need them?

As per the pharmaceutical law, any prescription drug once bought cannot be returned. At Life Rx Pharmacy we give utmost importance to safety of our customers and other parties involved. We work with licensed pharmacies and strive hard to protect your purchases. Once any prescription or non-prescription drug is dispensed, it cannot be returned under any circumstance.

29. Is Life Rx Pharmacy online pharmacy is pharmacy?

Life Rx Pharmacy is a pharmacy intermediary, and not a pharmacy. We work as a mediator between the pharmacy and our customers. Your prescription is filled by licensed pharmacy which is registered with the local state council where it is based.

30. Is there any charge other than value in the order invoice copy?

We only charge whatever amount is mentioned in the order invoice. However, some customers may be charged with an extra 1-3% by their bank for ‘International transaction or Currency Conversion Charges’. This is the cardholder’s bank charges for processing with a bank outside of USA/Canada, which is not in our control.

31. Do you dispense controlled substance?

Never, we strictly abstain from selling or dispensing any controlled substance for whatsoever reason.

32. I have received lesser or half quantity of medicine than ordered. Why?

According to the guidelines of USFDA, supply of a maximum 90 days would be dispensed at one time. Hence the payment is also charged for the supplied amount. Any refills or pending medicine, more than 90 days of prescribed dosage, would be sent in the gap of every 45-60 days.

34. What should I do when get notification of declined payment?

The credit card company sometimes block payment in case they do not recognize the charge that came through overseas Merchant. In such case, coordinate with your credit card bank to approve the transaction and our representative to reprocessed for order payment.

You can also use a different credit/debit card to process your payment for the ordered medicine. In order to use other available payment options, contact Life Rx Pharmacy’s customer service representative for more details.

35. How can i disclose dissatisfaction or any complaint regarding order or other issues?

Our customers’ feedback is of utmost importance for us. We take criticism positively so as to improve our services. The Management and Pharmacy Manager directly look into all the complaints. You may post your feedback at [email protected]

36. Do I have to pay Custom Charges to release my medicine parcel?

Duty fee on the import of shipment is charged by some countries as per their own rules on import of products. The customer would be responsible to pay these charges and release their parcels as per the guidance of officials. We do not play any role in or do not control over the custom process.

37. Can I get refund if my medicine shipment stuck/destroyed/abandoned by customs of destination country?

In such a condition, refund is not given. Life Rx Pharmacy does not have any say in the Custom clearance process. It will be the customers’ responsibility to meet all the import requirements posed by the customs of their country.