Shipping Return Refunds

At LifeRx Pharmacy we are determined it making it as easy as possible for our clients to be at ease while shopping from our website.

For this, we have designed an easy refund policy that offers a full refund or re-dispatch in case your order returns to the pharmacy given to any issues with customs of shipping country to your address. And we do this without charging any extra shipping cost thus making your online purchase a delightful experience.

However, in case you parcel is returned due to the following reasons, no refund will be given;

We recommend that you keep a track on your parcel to avoid such situations. Please note that you will have to pay extra shipping charges if you select for a re-dispatch.

Important Note: No refunds on orders where shipping countries do not allow import of the medicines. The customer will be solely responsible for providing and submitting all the necessary documents needed to the customs or post of shipping country, for the clearance of shipment. LifeRx Pharmacy plays no role in dealing with the customs and other issues once a parcel is shipped.

Once dispensed, no prescription and non-prescription products can be returned under any circumstances. As per the pharmaceutical law, prescription drugs are not returnable. Thus, make sure to consult with your physician about your medications before placing your order. In case you need to change the product or you experience any side effects by the medicines, immediately contact your doctor. Only after a written recommendation by the physician, your dispense product will be replaced by other brand or dosage form. Thus, in this case there will be no extra charge for the replacement.

Moreover, in case you have missed to receive your delivery and your local post has returned the parcel to us, there will be shipping charges to resend the parcel to the same address.

For further queries or information, please call us on our toll-free number: 1-888-704-0408

You can also send us an email at

In compliance with FDA regulations, all prescription returns are destroyed.