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ND, United States

October 19, 2021

I experienced Overall a Great Service

Great Overall Service - good product selection, reliable shipments, and its generally easy to reach knowledgeable agents quickly by phone.

christine S

NY, United States

October 15, 2021

LifeRx pharmacy = excellence all the way

They kept me up to date with reminders for my RX and also let me know of delivery dates. Very professional and courteous service persons! Value priced and excellent service! Thank you.


NJ, United States

October 12, 2021

Very good service

Very good service. Great prices. Great product.
Thank You

G. Pemberton

NY, United States

October 09, 2021

I am able to order and refill…

I am able to order and refill prescriptions with ease. The customer service is excellent. I receive phone calls to confirm my prescriptions and mailing address. The medicines come quickly. I have been delighted and impressed.

Bruno Cyzowski

FL, United States

October 07, 2021

Delivery was received as scheduled and…

Delivery was received as scheduled and in good condition

Michael Dawson

NY, United States

October 05, 2021

Excellent products and prices

I've been using offshore cheap meds for 10 years. Quality products. Just switched from Cialis to Viagra. Excellent products.

Ellen Carni

KS, United States

September 23, 2021

I have always received my medicine in a…

I have always received my medicine in a reasonable period of time and the staff is friendly.

Lauren Haddock

CA, United Kingdom

September 22, 2021

Fantastic customer service

I have gotten Fantastic customer service, easy online ordering!

Carolyn Strobl

AZ, United States

September 21, 2021

I like getting my scripts through

I like getting my scripts through LifeRx. The website is easy to use, efficient and safe. My expensive prescription is more affordable here. Thank you!

Cl Matheos

FL, United Kingdom

September 16, 2021

Easy transaction

Easy transaction. Fast shipping and great prices.

Esteban G Costa

ME, United Kingdom

September 12, 2021

Excellent Support systems

Excellent systems, excellent customer service when I order and every works perfectly


CA, United Kingdom

September 12, 2021

Excellent service.... never any delays

Excellent service.... never any delays. My place to buy generic Cialis.

Barbara Giachetti

OK, United Kingdom

September 11, 2021

Easy, efficient, and trustworthy

The process to set up an account is simple and they are very efficient. Prices are competitive and I am able to order refills with ease. They also send reminders and check on potential issues, but don't deluge you with emails/calls. I am so happy to be able to shop here for my medications!

Kathleen SIRKIN

NM, United States

September 03, 2021

The service with LifeRx Pharmacy is the best.

The service with LifeRx Pharmacy is the best. They are very helpful and patient with any questions you may have. I couldn't be happier with this company. Thank you.

Lester Payne

NY, United States

September 03, 2021

The only issue I have is with the…

The only issue I have is with the amount of time it takes to get an order. But, I knew on the front end that it may take a little longer with the shipping situation.

Cheryl Yong

GA, United States

September 03, 2021

Great costumer service

Great costumer service, always friendly and very helpful.

Karin Miller

NY, United Kingdom

September 02, 2021

So very grateful....!

Professional, efficient and reliable. I am just so grateful to have found LifeRx Pharmacy.


AI, United States

September 01, 2021

Good reliable products!

I have been purchasing my ED meds from offshore for 3 years. They are always very reliable. Their Cialis (generic) works great. I will continue to buy from them as long as there is no problem with US customs.

Lynn Payne

ID, United States

August 26, 2021

LIFERX PHARMACY has some great personnel

I called LIFERX PHARMACY to inquire about their services. The call was handled by the most helpful, considerate lady I have dealt with in a long time. She answered all of my questions and provided information that I needed but did not know I needed. She conducted herself as though the company was her own and she was trying to earn my business. She provided links for all of the information she gave me and left an open invitation to get back in touch with any follow questions. However, no follow up was needed. Outstanding service. Thank you!!

Donna Sophia

ND, United States

August 23, 2021

WOW meds are so much more affordable

I can get prescriptions much cheaper than if I had insurance. Great communication and fast service. I appreciate all you do.


OH, United States

August 23, 2021

Great customer service

Exellent customer service. I have been using LifeRx Pharmacy for a few years now and always experience great service, better pricing and my order always arrives in the expected time frame given. Easy tracking and always someone to answer any questions I might have. The whole process has been always easy and efficient.

Phyllis Hartzell

ND, United States

August 12, 2021

Grateful Customer!

So glad I found out about LIFERX It's a great savings to me. The service is awesome and prescriptions arrive on time. Very happy with this group.

Thomas Edeus

DE, United States

August 03, 2021

Prompt service excellent delivery

Prompt service excellent delivery. True to their word

Carolyn Lane

NY, United States

August 03, 2021

I have always received good service

I have always received good service. Cialis comes in a timely manner. They have the best price around for this medication.

Christine Pettit

CA, United States

July 27, 2021

Thank you for your great service!

Customer service personnel are respectful, knowledgeable and courteous. Regardless of expected shipping delays my orders have arrived quickly.


ID, United States

July 26, 2021

Clear instructions

Clear instructions, great service but overly communicative by email.

Sreenivasulu Punna

NY, United States

July 24, 2021

Much cheaper than what I would pay in…

Much cheaper than what I would pay in the US. Easy to order. Prompt and excellent customer service.


ID, United States

July 17, 2021

I have used LifeRx Pharmacy for…Inhalers

I have used LifeRx Pharmacy for several years and have found them to be very easy to work with and so much less expensive than I can get in the US. Great people to work with.

Amy Crowe

FL, United States

July 16, 2021

Great Value-Reliable Service

Good site to use for affordable medicine. The site is easy to use and they remind me when it's time to refill my Prescription.

Ray Lewis

OK, United States

July 11, 2021

This has been a pharmacy group that is…

This has been a pharmacy group that is very reasonable and easy to work with. It’s a shame more pharmacies could be like you folks Ray Lewis Tulsa , Oklahoma UNITED STATES