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Zdzislaw Sawicki

United States

November 27, 2021

Excelent Service And Excelent Price!

Was Extremely Surprised that a "Internet" Pharmacy is So Easy, Helpful And Understanding especially with someone that has never Purchased RX Meds. Will Make Future Purchases with Them!

Patricia Medalen

United States

November 22, 2022

I have used this company and like the…

I have used this company and like the service and pricing. But today when accessing their website I received the warning below. I have sent a copy of this warning to their support division. Needless to say I did not proceed in logging in on their website and I'm unable to check on the status of my order.

Richard Tittle

United States

November 11, 2022

A Happy Satisfied Customer

I am very impressed with the ordering process. I was continually updated on my prescription order. I received the medication yesterday. It was identical to my prescription from an American Pharmacy. I have communicated my experience to a number of people. The service could not have been better. The ONLY thing is I would like to have Visa as a payment option. However, the electronic check method was satisfactory. I do not have American Express.

Lisa Barnes

United States

November 10, 2022

Speedy service!

I ordered my meds exactly 2 weeks ago and they arrived today!!! My entire year will cost less than 1/2 of the name brand medication, Eliquis. Your pharmacy is an answer to prayer for me. Thank you so much!!!!

Sandra Curtis

United States

November 14, 2022

Great price

Great price, better than the company I used last. Easy to follow directions to order my med. It arrived in 3 weeks.Very pleased.


United States

November 4, 2022

Phoned customer service with concerns ....

Phoned customer service with concerns over meds shown as shipped, order complete, usps tracking, international singpost tracking. Tracking not shown in system after 13 days. Told they would research & update with in 24/48 hrs.

Ken Will

United States

October 25, 2022

Inflation Buster!

Able to get a generic version of a drug which is only available as name brand in the US. I am saving $300 every three months and that is without having to go through my insurance. It does take a little work to set up with your doctor but it is well worth the effort. The politicians can keep their inflation reduction bill. I like the bill from LifeRx Pharmacy much better. The product takes 2-3 weeks to ship so plan ahead.


United States

October 25, 2022

Great customer service

It was wonderful to have a live conversation with Sandy/Sandra who called a few times to let me know what else was needed in order to fill my prescription - thank you for always following through! It was also great to get the prescription earlier than anticipated - thank you!

Linda Weavil

United States

October 20, 2022

I finally got the medication I need

I finally got the medication I need. The wait is worth it. It's a shame I can't afford it in my own country. Thanks for helping people like me. I will be using your company again.

Kenneth Burnette

United States

October 14, 2022

This is my first time ordering

This is my first time ordering. So far, I am impressed with the flow of the ordering process. I have ordered, made payment, and now I am waiting for delivery. Hopefully, it will be here in a week or so. I haven't heard from them since I made payment. It would be nice to get a confirmation of payment received and approximate shipping date.

P Edwards

United States

October 11, 2022

VERY timely order!

Order received in a very timely and efficient manner. I paid for expedited shipping and I received my medication in 7 days!! And price for Eliquis cannot be beat as compared to the US pharmacies.

Alfred Strauss

United States

September 9, 2022

This is my first experience with your…

This is my first experience with your company and I see that you are trying to giving the new customer great service. I mailed my payment on Monday and today Friday, the product has been or ordered.My previous pharmacy its no longer going to be used. I am still waiting for my order, that was ordered on 8-16-2022.


United States

September 13, 2022

This was my 1st experience with LifeRx

This was my 1st experience with LifeRx, and it was 5 Stars! The easy web site, great product selection, super LOW prices, and...SUPER FAST Delivery!! My order was placed August 31, and was at my door 12 days later! Will order again, and highly recommend LifeRx!!